Jim is an Oregon based fine art photographer who specializes in nature’s abstracts and landscapes. His experience spans 30 plus years as a freelance photographer and videographer as well as 10 years in that capacity for a major corporation.

A note from James:

I didn’t fall in love with photography until I was introduced to it while serving in the Navy. Seeing a print coming to life in the darkroom is something that I’ll never forget. There’s something magical about that moment and from that time on, I was hooked. After my time in service, I studied photography and visual communications at MATC earning degrees in both.

I enjoy hiking through the majesty of this country’s wilderness, spending time on both coasts each year visiting with friends and family. I feel that I’ve found my niche among the many fine art photographers that have made their mark in the world today and I hope you enjoy the images I’ve captured over my lifetime as much as I’ve enjoyed capturing them.

Thanks for checking out my website and say hi if you’re so inclined.